Visit by Napier Mayor Kirsten Wise and Councillor Greg Mawson to Kwetta Headquarters

Last week, we enjoyed hosting Napier Mayor Kirsten Wise and Councillor Greg (Grego) Mawson at our Onekawa headquarters. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovative charging solutions and the bright minds behind them.

During their visit, our CTO, Dr. Robert Turner, provided an in-depth tour and demonstration of our cutting-edge technology. He showed them how our unique solution offers ultra-high-powered charging and alleviates the strain on the electricity network. He showed them how the technology stands out by enabling the charging of cars, trucks, planes, and ferries at megawatt scale. This capability is crucial for the future of electric transportation. Our solution ensures electricity network providers can maintain smooth operations without imposing expensive upgrades on charge point operators and end users. Enhancing the existing electricity network is essential for a more sustainable and efficient electrification process.

 Mayor Wise and Councillor Mawson's visit allowed us to highlight our technology's role in the electrification landscape, and we thank them for their time and interest. We look forward to further engagements with key stakeholders and potential partners who share our vision for an electrified future.