Dustin Murdock

Founder | CEO

ME (Wisconsin-Madison)
20+ years deploying power hardware to all corners of the world.

Dr. Robert Turner

Founder | CTO

PhD (Canterbury)
15+ years working with power systems and networks globally.

Mike Lazelle

Founder | CGO

BE (Canterbury)
15+ years developing and integrating projects for the largest power grids Au/NZ, US and Canada.


Our Mission

At Kwetta, our mission is to revolutionise the world of electric vehicle (EV) charging by unlocking the potential of power grids.

We aim to accelerate the transition to electrification through innovative technology that enhances the capacity and efficiency of existing infrastructure.

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What We Do

Kwetta stands at the forefront of EV charging innovation, merging cutting-edge technology with existing power grids to redefine the future of energy and mobility. 

Our approach is holistic, focusing on enhancing grid capacity and efficiency through smart, sustainable technology. Considering every aspect of the ecosystem, from the individual driver's experience to the overarching demands on the power network. 

Meet the Team

The Kwetta (formerly Red Phase) Team 1

What our partners say:

“Collaborating with like-minded partners is pivotal in our collective pursuit towards a low carbon Aotearoa. Kwetta provides a distinct solution tailored for the New Zealand landscape, allowing us to establish high-capacity multi-bay locations without the constraints and expenses of extensive network enhancements.”

Lindis Jones photo
Lindis Jones

CEO at Z