Incredible charging hardware to unlock power grids

Unlocking the potential

Kwetta are experts at charging and power grids. Our hardware solves all four grid problems and enables our customers to deploy and scale DCFC at lightning speed.

Kwetta (formerly Red Phase) - Grid unlocking charge solutions

Driving Change, Electrifying the Journey

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Kwetta stands at the forefront of EV charging innovation, merging cutting-edge technology with existing power grids to redefine energy and mobility.

Our expertise is showcased through our world leading hardware platform and our partnership approach to innovation.

The approach is holistic, drawing on more than 30 years of R&D leadership providing an integrated solution designed with simplicity, efficiency and quality in mind.

Our solutions are focused on the rapidly growing hub and heavy transport EV markets. By designing and developing the full product stack in-house and using global leading suppliers, our solutions provide a paradigm shift in both scalability and reliability of direct current fast charging. Our future proofed technology unlocks lower whole-of-life cost and our dedicated service and operating centre deliver the highest standard of operational safety and asset management practice.

What our partners say:

“Collaborating with like-minded partners is pivotal in our collective pursuit towards a low carbon Aotearoa. Kwetta provides a distinct solution tailored for the New Zealand landscape, allowing us to establish high-capacity multi-bay locations without the constraints and expenses of extensive network enhancements.”

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Lindis Jones

CEO at Z