Insights from the Energy Networks Conference Australia

Dr. Robert Turner, the Chief Technology Officer of Kwetta (formerly Red Phase), recently attended the Energy Networks Conference in Adelaide, Australia, from March 19-21. Energy Networks Australia hosts this conference every two years as the sector's leading event, bringing together industry professionals to explore the transformation of energy grids for the 21st century.

At the conference, Dr Turner discussed Kwetta's innovative solutions developed in our Napier facility, designed to tackle the challenges of deploying EV chargers on the electricity grid. He engaged with industry leaders, demonstrating how Kwetta's advanced grid technology supports Ultra-Fast EV charging at 200kW for cars and is scalable to megawatt levels for hub and heavy transport charging without causing disruptions to the electricity network and further explaining how our solution integrates innovative grid software into our technology, which prevents the need for costly and time-consuming grid upgrades. "Our technology significantly alleviates the strain on power grids, marking a significant leap towards the rapid electrification and transformation of the energy sector," stated Dr Turner.

Reflecting on the conference, Dr Turner expressed his admiration for the Australian utilities' leadership in utilising intelligent power grids to maximise the efficiency of existing assets, attracting international experts to the event. "The positive reception of Kwetta's solutions gave us a valuable opportunity to showcase our message. It positioned Kwetta as a ready and capable innovator, eager to address these challenges head-on," Dr Turner noted, affirming Kwetta's commitment to working in partnership with electricity network operators to advance the energy sector's evolution.