Kwetta: Assembler/Store Person:

Join the Charge: Lead the EV Revolution as an Assembler/Store Person at Kwetta.

Location: Napier, New Zealand
Salary: $23-29
Employment Type: Full-Time


Kwetta is at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. Originating from the bustling tech hub of Napier, New Zealand, in July 2021, our company is on a fast-paced growth trajectory fuelled by a relentless drive for innovation.

Our primary goal is to progress in the EV charging sector. By harnessing the power of our innovative Grid Gateway technology, we are reshaping and enhancing the efficiency of power grids. Our dedication extends to elevating the capabilities of ultra-fast charging solutions for both light and heavy vehicles, setting new global industry standards. Our pioneering Grid Gateway technology is the cornerstone of our efforts and is pivotal in our cutting-edge research and development.

Joining Kwetta is more than just becoming part of a company; it is about integrating into a dynamic, forward-thinking collective. Embark on this journey with us and play a pivotal role in redefining the future of transportation Kwetta, you aren’t just witnessing change; you’re driving it!


What you’ll do:

As an Assembler/Store Person at Kwetta, you are a crucial member of our production team. Your responsibilities include building and documenting prototype and low-volume electrical and assembled products. Key tasks you will be involved in are maintaining a clean and organised workshop and assembling racks, electrical components, switchboards, and metalwork components.

Your other responsibilities include creating parts packages for contract manufacturers and supporting the Procurement Manager with various warehouse tasks. You will also engage in general labour to support different projects, ensure workshop security, assist service technicians on field works, maintain company vehicles, and manage rubbish/recycling bin duties. Your role will be central to ensuring the smooth operation of our production activities and position you as a crucial member of our team driving innovation in the EV industry.


What you’ll bring:

  • You have fundamental workshop knowledge, including a basic understanding of tools and equipment, and a capacity for good organisational skills and following instructions effectively.

  • You are team-focused, adaptable, comfortable in a multidisciplinary environment, and willing to learn new skills, with a foundation in basic computer proficiency.

  • Your experience in a manufacturing setting is desirable, particularly in electrical manufacturing, paired with a solutions-driven, innovative approach to work.

  • You have strong personal attributes encompassing reliability, excellent time management, integrity, accountability, passion for excellence, quality, and a commitment to sustainability.


What Awaits You:

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Kwetta, a company at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) charging revolution, located in the vibrant city of Napier. Here, you'll immerse yourself in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, collaborating with experts passionate about innovation and Kwetta, it is more than a job; it’s a chance to make a tangible impact in shaping the future of sustainable transportation. Expect to grow professionally, tackle groundbreaking challenges, and contribute meaningfully to our mission. With your hard work and dedication, you’ll receive recognition and rewards commensurate with the value you bring to our transformative journey.

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·        Visit: 7b Sheffield Place, Onekawa, Napier.